Rapidly perform calculations on large volumes of data from your browser.

Are spreadsheets driving you nuts?


Too big? Too complicated? Too slow?


YuCalc is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that works seamlessly with your data to deliver rapid calculations.

Do more, faster.

YuCalc comes in when spreadsheets fall short.

Calculate Results Quickly

Get things done. Fast.
All you need to do is enter your formulae to calculate your results. Behind the scenes, we figure out the tricky stuff like allocating processing power and spreading calculations across servers.

Collaborate and Share

Sometimes, two heads are better than one. We’ve got you covered.
YuCalc comes loaded with features to help you share or collaborate on your models with colleagues and friends.

Create an Audit Trail

When you need peace of mind.
Audit trails are designed to keep you informed and in control. Rest assured that at the click of a button you will have a full history of events that have taken place in and around your workspace.

Connect Your Calculations to Other Systems

An easy way to get your data in and out.
Connectors let you pull data from and push data to tools outside of YuCalc so you can focus on the calculations.

Repeat the Same Calculations

Perform the same calculations on multiple sets of data as easily as doing it on one set.
No loops, no macros. Just one click to do the calculation on each set, simultaneously. We call this adding dimensions.

Highly Secure

It starts and ends with trust.
You expect your data to be secure, confidential and private. Encryption, two-factor authentication and regular security audits are just some of the ways in which we work to ensure we meet these expectations.

Easy to create, even easier to read.

Follow a simple formula syntax (compatible with C# or Python) – everything else is taken care of.

Use your data your way.

  • YuCalc works around your data, not the other way around.
  • Drag-and-drop your data, or connect YuCalc to your apps using the API.

Home, office, or


YuCalc works where you do.

Because it is cloud-based, you can create, edit and run your models from your desktop or mobile devices.


No problem.

  • Multiple users can work together on a workspace in real time.
  • Audit trails show who changed what, and when.
  • And with straightforward formulae and sharing capabilities, someone else can pick up right where you left off.

Suit yourself.

YuCalc is widely applicable across different industries and disciplines.

When should I not use YuCalc?
  • When formulae typically vary by cell in the same column
  • When you are unable to organise your data into columns
  • When your spreadsheet is used mainly for presentation purposes

Now take it for a spin.