High-performance calculation engine, right within your browser.


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Other Features

Spreadsheet-like grid interface with column-based formulae, no copying and pasting of formulae from cell to cell.

What can you use YuCalc for?

Designed to efficiently handle growing volumes of data and calculations

Extensive integration support

Readable formulae

YuCalc comes in when spreadsheets fall short

Are spreadsheets driving you nuts?

Too big? Too complicated? Too slow?

YuCalc is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that works seamlessly with your data to deliver rapid calculations.

Calculate year-on-year movements in sales by staff member or by product.

Sales analysis


We will be launching in 2019.

Built and powered by SolveXia, a leader in business process automation and data analysis.

Privacy Policy

Collaboration and audit trail

Scalable platform where you no longer have to worry about capacity, reliability or performance.

Import, export and sync to your existing BI tools, admin systems, databases and data formats using the YuCalc API.

Javascript-based language is easy to read, write and understand. This means a lower risk of error when compared to spreadsheet tools like Excel, and is simpler to use than database management systems like SAS and SQL Server.

Multiple people can work together on a workspace in real time. Audit trails show who changed what, and when, and allows you to revert to previous versions of your formulae.


Ability to spread calculation load over lots of cloud computers for faster results.

Parallel processing

Easy transition for those familiar with Excel naming conventions like SUMIF and LOOKUP.

Excel-like functions

No need to work out the order of calculations yourself.

Automatic order of

Can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.


Share worksheets using URLs. Set permissions to control access.


Validate and diagnose your calculations with in-cell debugging tools and calculation trees to track inputs, outputs and parts of a formula.

Debugging tools

Multi-dimensionality means you don’t have to duplicate and maintain multiple worksheets which have the same formulae.


Encryption, two-factor authentication and regular security audits are just some of the ways we ensure your data is secure and private.

Advanced security

Here are a few simple examples of what you can do with YuCalc:

Create simple or complex rules to consolidate, map, transform or cleanse your data.

Data mapping

Produce forecasts for multiple divisions and consolidate them using Dimensions.

Prepare company budgets

Review formulae, data and changes over a period of time.


Take share price data and create your own models to identify buying and selling opportunities.

Share trading strategy

Automate calculations that need to be repeated on a regular basis (such as monthly reports).

Automate tasks

Create actuarial models that perform policy-by-policy projections or period-by-period asset-liability projections.

Actuarial projections

Score the sentiment of tweets using data from Twitter and tables of positive and negative words.

Sentiment analysis

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